The up’s and down’s of skiing

How many of you have gone skiing before? (wow not that many of you) trust me, those of you who have not I am going to show you why you need to. Let me tell you how nice it feels to basically be gliding through the snow, wind blowing in your face, all you can see is white, trees and maybe a little cabin where you can eat. I really hope you try skiing out if you have not.


What you will need to go skiing



Ski boots


 While you are getting poles also get a helmet, but you don’t have to have a helmet,  It’s just a really good idea“hey better safe than sorry”. Goggles are a very important, because they protect you from the sun the wind and the snow. After you get all your equipment ready to go you will need to be dressed properly, starting with warm socks.  Your feet will get very cold if you don’t wear the right socks-and that is just miserable. Next you need a base layer on your legs and arms. A base layer is a thin type of under armour and tights. Over that –you will need comfortable ski pants and a warm jacket–if you have a waterproof that is even better. Now the last thing but one of the most important, your gloves, you need your gloves so you do not get frostbite in your hands.  

The colors and symbols of ski runs and what they mean

When you are going down the mountain you will see signs that say the name of the run and  by it will be a colored shape. Now I am going to teach you the colored shapes and what they mean, I will go over them easiest to hardest.


Green is the easiest and would be the best if you are just starting out. Next is blue–blue is just getting a little bit harder than green. After you do green a couple times you could try to do a blue but I would stick with green for your first day. When you are going down one of the green runs you may see a black diamond and a black diamond is the hardest run that is on a trail, it is likely ungroomed,and has lots of moguls. Moguls are little 1 foot  hills but they are only spaced out by a couple inches, making it a very hard run-because of your speed and the timing needed to navigate the run.  Black diamonds cousin is double black diamond who has rocks in the trail and drop off cliffs and trees in the trail too. The orange rectangle is not a run it is a terrain park, terrain park is a place with rails and jumps. It is usually a little separate from the main runs. Some terrain parks have half pipes and some do not–Does anyone know what a half pipe is ?



On the trail map it will show dashed lines and that resembles the ski lift, the red cross is obviously the ambulance, the fork and the spoon shows where you can eat.

Top 5 places to go skiing in Oregon

Here is a list of the top 5 ski resorts in Oregon-We are lucky to live in a state with so many options when it comes to outdoor activities…


1: Mt. Bachelor


2: Timberline on Mt. Hood


3:Mt. Hood meadows


4: Ski bowl on Mt.Hood




What is fun about skiing??

How much time do I have to tell you about it ??  I could go on all day, but I will give you a condensed version.  First of all my favorite is the terrain park. I love the jumps that you can go off in the terrain park–there are rails and other cool features too. Something that is also fun is going off the trail , where you can find jumps and little trails that not many people use.

Just going down the runs as fast as you can is great!! It makes you feel like you can almost fly!!  

Stopping for lunch and treats is one of my favorites also–

Many ski resorts have cool little restaurants up on the mountain where you can get snacks and food —Timberline has amazing hot chocolates with lots of whip cream.  Most of the time you are skiing with your friends or your family and those are special memories to make.


In conclusion–I hope I have convinced you to try skiing if you get the chance! In my opinion there are only “ups” to skiing and not many “downs”



Ifo Ekpre Olomu

Ifo was Oregon’s corner back until he went pro to Cleveland Browns in the draft. But after 1 year he got traded to the Miami Dolphins. Ifo is one of my favorite players that played for the Oregon Ducks in the history. When Ifo was playing for the Oregon Ducks he was number 14 and at the Miami Dolphins he is 33. At the Oregon Ducks he was the number one corner back. He has nine career interceptions. He’s 40 time is 4.52 that is fast. He is 5″10′ 185 pounds. He was drafted he was drafted 240 because he had a pretty bad knee injury that. His high school was Chino Hills. His hand size is 9 5/8 and his arm length is 30 7/8.

Oregon junior cornerback Ifo Ekpre-Olomu (14) intercepts the football from Oregon State junior quarterback Sean Mannion (4). The No. 13 Oregon Ducks play the Oregon St. Beavers at Autzen Stadium in Eugene, Ore. on Nov. 29, 2013. (Ryan Kang/Emerald)

De’ Anthony Thomas


De’ Anthony Thomas was Oregon’s running back, but he went pro to the Chiefs. His number at Oregon was 6 and his number at the Chiefs is 1 and 13. He played wide receiver, running back and corner back in high school. the high school he attended was Crenshaw high school. His lightning fast 40 yard dash was a 4.34. A lot of people think he is the fastest person in collage football when he was in collage. Thomas is 5’10 and he is 176 pounds.  

Week 10 Blogging Challenge

Letters pinned to a white wall

Letters pinned to a white wall

  • Q) How many posts did you write?
  • A) I wrote 75 including this one
  • Q) How many were school based, your own interests or set by the challenge?
  • A) School based 8, Set by the challenge 3 , my own posts 64
  • Q) How many comments did you receive from classmates, teachers or overseas students?
  • A) From classmates , teachers and overseas students I reserved 223 comments
  • Q) Which post received the most comments? Why do you think that happened?
  • A) The Spirit Bear has 10 comments , I think it has that much because it is something that they have not herd of
  • Q) Which post did you enjoy writing the most and why?
  • A) I think my the one I enjoy writing is the Christmas one, because  it is about my family
  • Q) Did you change blog themes at all and why?
  •  A) I change my blog themes because I got tired of the other one
  • Q) How many widgets do you have? Do you think this is too many or not enough?
  • A) I have 22 widgets and I think it is just enough
  • Q) How many overseas students do you have on your blogroll?
  • A) I have 3 overseas blogs
  • Q) Which web tools did you use to show creativity on your blog?
  • A) abowman, voki, flag counter, revolver map, lava lamp, custom glitter text and a bunch of other cool stuff

Sand Skiing


You probable have not heard of sand skiing right? Sand skiing is a fun new way to ski in the middle of summer. I found this out on the TV one day. All you need is normal ski stuff minus the pants and the big jacket. Have you ever sand skied before? Because I sure haven’t. Do you think it would be as fun as just normal skiing or sand skiing? On sand, going down it would probable give you more of a rooster tail. Would you like to try sand skiing? Because I sure would.

Royce Freeman

473dc8f437e95d3538ab843a2a0e358bRoyce Freeman is Oregon’s running back. He is one of Oregon’s best running back’s ever. Royce Freeman has 3,201 yards and he has only played 2 years! Royce Freeman has 35 touchdowns in 2 years! Against Washington State Royce Freeman had 246 yards! Royce Freeman’s nickname is Rolls Royce. Royce Freeman is number 21. Royce Freeman’s high school was Imperial high school. He was a freshman and he played on the varsity team! Royce Freeman is 230 pounds and 5’11”. Plus He plays for my favorite team – the Oregon Ducks!!